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Somerset Wildlife Trust – Big Count 2022, 17th – 26th June


Somerset Wildlife Trust – Big Count 2022

Time to unleash your inner citizen scientist beast!


Dear Supporter,We are super excited to be able to announce the launch of Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Big Count 2022 🎉

Taking place between the 17th and 26th June, the Big Count 2022 is our big flagship wildlife count of the year and part of our Great Somerset Wildlife Count initiative – a programme of citizen science events and activities that aims to get YOU inspired and involved in collecting important data about the wildlife on your doorstep, in your local green spaces, parks and communities. It’s a chance to celebrate our amazing wildlife as well as help inform the work that’s needed to stop further species declines.  Never have your eyes on the ground been more vital!

(You can find out more about the Great Somerset Wildlife Count and our first count of the year – the Frog and Toad Spawn Count 🐸  here.)

Help us collect lots of vital wildlife data… 🕷🦋🐦🐌

The Big Count is our BUMPER count. We want you to count not one, but twelve species within the timeframe. To be precise, eight individual species and any species within four groups of species. We’re calling them our dirty dozen!

Getting involved is as easy as 1,2,3!

1 📖 – Visit our the Big Count 2022 web page here to download your FREE digital pack for all the information you need.
2 🔍 Create an iNaturalist account via the website here.  You can download the app and find more information on how to use iNaturalist effectively here.

3 👀 Get counting!  Between the 17th and 26th June for a period of one hour in the day (you can do it every day if you like!) count as many of our dirty dozen as you can! Get your family, friends, neighbours, school, social group, congregation to join in! You’ll be able to see your sightings on iNaturalist immediately!

Here’s just two of the species we want you to keep your eyes peeled for (Goldfinch/ Birds Foot Trefoil). Check out the whole list here.



For lots more information including details about our dirty dozen species and why they need us keeping an eye, and help with iNaturalist and more, visit our webpages here!

Let’s do this! Please get counting so we can ensure our wildlife thrives. As well as recording, don’t forget to share your findings with us on social media by using the hashtag  #greatsomersetwildlifecount.  Oh, and brilliant timing…the Big Count is taking place in June, which is when we all go 30 Days Wild across the UK (more on that soon!) so this is a perfect activity to count as a daily dose of wild, so you can tick off two things at once for wildlife. AWESOME! 

Thanks so much for taking part! 

Head of Nature RecoveryPS. want to know more about what citizen science is and about other related projects?  Then click here and brush up your ID skills at the same time!