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Advertising in Williton Window

An advertisement in the Williton Window is well worthwhile. The magazine is free and delivered monthly to 1,600 homes throughout the village. It represents tremendous value for money. The magazine is printed with a colour cover, black and white content and is A5 booklet format, it is also published online monthly at: www.willitonwindow.org.uk

The following advertising rates apply

Multiple Editions One off Adverts
Size A 1/8 eighth of a Page = 61mm(w) x 46mm(h) £ 65 Per Year 12 Editions Eighth of a page £ 7 1 Edition
Size B 1/4 quarter of a Page = 61mm(w) x 92mm(h) £100 Per Year 12 Editions Quarter of a page £ 12 1 Edition
Size C 1/2 half of a Page = 122mm(w) x 92mm(h) £175 Per Year 12 Editions Half a page £ 20 1 Edition
Size D Full Page = 122mm(w) x 184mm(h) £300 Per Year 12 Editions Whole Page £ 35 1 Edition
Home Page of Williton Window Website
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Advertising in a set size advertising box space on home page of Williton Window
Website to include link to your business website or e-mail contact.
£100 Per Year
(April to March)


Amendments to advertisements can take place free of charge at the time of annual renewal. A charge of £6 will be made for any intermediate changes.
When submitting an advert for inclusion in the magazine please use Word or Publisher format as we may need to make small adjustments when fitting to the space on the page. This also allows for easier amendment at a later time when required.
Please submit your advert in colour wherever possible as the magazine is published on Williton Window Website in colour. Printed Magazines have a colour cover, black and white internal pages only.

We can also create an advert for you, just send the details and we will see what we can do for you.
For more information, contact Janet Cook on: 01984 639359 or e-mail: williton@willitonwindow.co.uk