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Parish Council News March 2021

 Could spring be on its way? Or am I just wishfully hoping to spot signs of new green buds, as I walk around our village or garden; reflecting back to natural heat, flowers,bees and sunshine. I have also been thinking about all the new words or phrases we now are so used to using, the ‘new normal’ or ‘stay safe’ and ‘we’ll catch up on Zoom’our new communication tool. I must admit, it has been a Godsend to the Parish Council, enabling us to carry on in safety with our numerous meetings. Not the same as being in the same room, but a medium we can use to talk over problems, make decisions the best way we can.

A particular item, which has frequently appeared on our agenda; has been led by Councillor Ian Aldridge. He is working hard, seeking quotes and running costs, sifting through numerous regulations to get our public toilets re-opened. Many people have told me that they have stopped going to places without a public toilet; as it has become a real necessity after having a baby or in their later years in particular.

 Another gathering of facts and figures will be the new Census 2021 which will be alerting people soon by post, before March 21st.  Requesting help to complete the once in a decade survey, to collect information on the size of communities, their health along with new social and economic changes in our lives. For many of us the changes we have so far had to embrace to keep ourselves safe during the lockdowns, has meant teaching, working and studying at home, in particular. This has made a mockery of when I used to complain that my two daughters were always in their rooms, now we are finding in some houses each family member is in a room, working alone, or trying to share if there are not enough rooms!

 For many it is the last place most of us would now want to be, I have friends that have been inside for a year! When this horrible time is over, I do not think any of us will want to stay indoors; maybe the whole of Somerset will be camping out under the stars!

Sadly, there is just one quick problem that has appeared of late. That is that, our beautiful open space of Williton Memorial Ground, is being abused by a few dog owners; not  picking up their dog’s mess. We all need freedom to walk safely for our daily exercise and pleasure, being a dog owner myself, I know how it makes you feel to see your dog running free, but not at the expense of other peoples’ pleasure. Please take poo bags with you and use them. One kind lady has been doing a pick up but now says it is too much. Please be kind, look out for others.

But there are many services out there to support us when concerns or worries overload us. I know that many are worried about redundancy, newly unemployed, looking to learn  new skills. You can contact – https://www.stepupsomerset.org.uk or employmentsupport@somersetandtaunton.gov.uk and share a virtual cup of tea and a chat. Or phone 0300 700 6275 if you have a problem with homelessness, transport for medical appointments or vaccination. If invited to make an appointment remember to phone 119 only if you get an invitation. If you have questions about COVID symptoms it is still 111.

Williton Helpline remains the same on 01984 573673 or for emotional support Mindline 01823276892

There are changes on the horizon, we have some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Somerset and our landscapes always look like a velvet patchwork. So, lets’ wait patiently, for a little while longer, to when… Corona becomes a beer again; Donald is just a duck. Tiers are on a cake and bubbles only exist in champagne! Stay safe and well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Councillor Barbara Nye.