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Scam Alerts

A person was rung by a fraudster pretending to be from Barclays fraud squad, stating that their bank account was compromised internally, as within the bank.

There were several requests of money to be withdrawn. Firstly they were asked to take out £300 because their card would take 5 weeks to be replaced. Then £300 they could use for food whilst waiting for a new card. They knew it would not take this long to get a replacement!

Secondly, they were asked to withdraw £2000 then wrap it in foil and send it to them.

Knowing this was a scam it has been reported to the Police and Action Fraud.

Remember, Challenge & Check.

Challenge: Does it really sound right?

Check: Hang up, wait at least 5 minutes, ideally call from another phone line and check with your bank on a number you know and trust.

Finally attached is an image of a text message received by me today warning of close contact with the Omicron Sub Variant BA.5. Again, this is yet another scam.

They will go on to ask for postage payment and this is where they will extract your bank details and no doubt significantly more than the postage!! If you see this text  – DELETE IT


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