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Computer attack disrupts meal deliveries in Somerset.


Dear Coordinators & Members,

A major supplier of home meal deliveries has had their computer system damaged in a cyber attack, which means it is unable to provide food to residents across the area.

Because of this, we are asking our Watch members to check on any elderly or vulnerable neighbours to see if they have been affected and need help getting food, especially as it may take several days for the company to return to normal.

More information can be found at:



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04/08/2021 9788 AW052 Thefts from Outbuildings / Sheds

04/08/2021 9788 AW052 Theft from an Outbuilding.

A barn has been broken into overnight on the 2nd between 10pm and 7am on the 3rd in Sampford Brett. The offender forced a padlock from the door gaining entry and once inside stole a Stihl chainsaw, leaf blower and hedge trimmer before making off.

Any information please contact the Police on 101 quoting Ref number: 5221176691 stating NHW Release or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Thank you for your support.

04/08/2021 AW052 Residential Garage Burglary.

A garage has been broken into in Manor Farm Lane, Sampford Brett, overnight on the 2nd after 4pm and prior to midday on the 3rd. The offender unscrewed the locks in order to gain entry and once inside stole a Chainsaw and Drill.

Any information please contact the Police on 101 quoting Ref number: 5221176868 stating NHW Release or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Thank you for your support.

04/08/2021 9788 AW052 Theft from a Garden Shed.

A garden shed has been unlawfully entered on the 3rd possibly between 3pm and 4pm in Tower Hill, Williton. Once inside a Hedge Trimmer and Chainsaw were stolen from within.

Do please remember, that during the summer months our gardens will be far more vulnerable. Each time we tend to the garden we are advertising what we have in our garages and sheds, where possible keep all machinery out of sight when not in use.

Any information please contact the Police on 101 quoting Ref number: 5221177046 stating NHW Release or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111. Thank you for your support.


Gardening Scam


Just a quick message to alert our Communities of a couple of individuals working in the area at the moment offering gardening services. Their usual  method is to cold call & offer to cut hedges etc. They will give a quote, then once the work is done, will say that it was a bigger job than initially  expected, & demand further payment.

They will usually target more elderly residents whose gardens may look overgrown & untidy, thus preying on the vulnerable.

Please be vigilant, & look out for elderly /vulnerable members of the community.

If you are looking for gardening services or property maintenance, please do not succumb to these unscrupulous people- no matter how professional & friendly they may appear. Always go to a reputable firm, or someone who has been personally recommended.

21/05/2021 9788 Somerset: Gov.Uk Scam Email

Dear Members,

Please be aware that today I have received an email claiming to be from Gov.UK advising that a number of National Insurance Numbers have been disabled following reports of fraudulent activity. The email states that if you are the recipient of such an email then your NIN as they state has been disabled and you must reactivate on the Red (Start Now) button shown on the attached document.

If you receive one of these emails, please Do Not follow the instructions and Do Not click on the Red (Start Now) Button, simply delete it immediately.


30/04/2021 9788 Somerset: Flubot, Text Message Scam.

Dear Members,

We have been made aware of a new text message scam called Flubot. This is a malicious piece of Spyware that is installed on your Android device once you receive a text message asking you to install a Tracking App due to a ‘missed package delivery’. The ‘Tracking App’ will actually steal your passwords and other sensitive data, whilst sending messages to your contacts to do the same.

The text message asks the user to click on a link (PLEASE DON’T), doing so will take you to a website where you will be prompted to download the App (DEFINATELY DON’T).

Please forward any scam messages to 7726 (SPAM on your keypad), which is a free reporting service.

Although this scam only appears on Android phones at the moment, Apple IOS users should remain alert as this could apply to these handsets at some point.

Please see the link below for information on the National Cyber Security Website.




Dear Members,

As the restrictions around Covid-19 are being eased and many people are looking at “Staycations” rather than holidays aboard, caravans are becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately criminals have also noticed this, so please take steps to increase the security of your Vans. For general tips on Caravan Security please click here.

Secured By Design is the official police security initiative which provides a recognised standard for all security products, and a recent addition to this listing is Caravan iD. This scheme provides an individual identification number for your caravan and motorhome that can be checked to see if it has been stolen. For more information, visit their website at https://caravanid.com/

Other similar products are also available on the SBD website http://www.securedbydesign.com. All these products are police approved products.